An all-season
exotic holiday
The best family
vacation on a
perfect Utorda Beach backdrop
*Inclusive of sun,
sand and a
luxurious stay
A getaway into
La La Land
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*Any food, beverage or alcohol purchased from outside and carried into the property will be not permitted as per resort policy

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Get the party started

Goa harbours some of the most exciting nightlife options in the country. The after sunset Goa livens up with dizzy neon lights, great music, and delectable food, which makes for the perfect ambiance you’d wish for.

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Dancing in the Rain

One does not need a reason to travel to Goa and if it is during the monsoons, even better. The monsoon in Goa is a magical experience with the joyfully overflowing rivers, trees dancing in the winds, and the fields turning into a vivid green carpet to welcome you to a land of eternal beauty.

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Summer of '69

Feel hot instead of feeling the heat during the summer. Go to the beach, swim, enjoy the water sports, party, and devour the delicious seafood.